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Martin Bethenod

| 19:00
→ Auditorium

At the suggestion of Les Amis de l’IAC and as part of their 2011-2012 programme, the series of meetings with stakeholders in contemporary art is continuing with the visit of Martin Béthenod, a key figure in the contemporary art world!

Appointed director of Palazzo Grassi-Punta della Dogana, François Pinault Foundation, in Venice, Martin Bethenod previously had numerous posts in culture and contemporary art.
He started his career as project leader for the Director of Cultural Affairs of the City of Paris (1993-1996), and was then was head of the President's office at the Pompidou Centre (1996-1998) before starting up and running Les Editions du Centre Pompidou (1998-2001).
After being assistant editor and director of development at the magazine Connaissance des arts (2001-2002) and then chief editor of the magazine Vogue France (2002-2003) he joined the Ministry of Culture and Communication as Delegate for the Plastic Arts (2003-2004). From 2004 to 2010, he was general curator of the FIAC (Foire internationale d’art contemporain de Paris) which then recovered its position as one of the leading international events in art. In 2010, he was also in charge of the artistic management of Nuit Blanche in Paris, which was very well received by the public and critics.

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