E-Studio, students from all disciplines combined

E-Studio, a framework for students from all disciplines combined, is part of the Institut d’Art Contemporain’s experimental approach designed to create new ties with higher education.
This framework has multiple objectives: improved knowledge of contemporary art; privileged access to the Institut’s activities; the creation of an active and productive relationship between the Institut and its student groups; and finally, the establishment of ongoing relations with the university world and tertiary level art schools.
E-Studio allows students to discover the operations of an artistic organisation involved in the dissemination of contemporary art from the inside, namely by way of conference-debates with members of the Institut’s team and its partners (artists, exhibition curators, art historians, collectors etc.).
Furthermore, E-Studio offers those students who wish to become more involved and complement their professional training to develop an active role at the Institute: organisation of guided tours, internships, contributions to research, training in the mediation of an exhibition, etc.


– Free inscription for individuals or as part of a student association
– Information and free admission (pass) for all of the Institut’s activities
– 30% reduction on the publications by the Institut d’Art Contemporain and 5% on the other titles at the bookshop.
– Access to activities organised by the Friends of the Institute

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